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Welcome! To Elite Group Ballistics, provider of state of the art body armor and equipment for military and law enforcement applications.

You can bet your life on it!

AR-500 Lightweight Stand Alone plate with MITgel's 4D WRAP for impact absorption tested at Oregon Ballistic Labs (OBL).  The Back Face Signature (BFS) for the M855 5.56 was 4.92mm - 3.10mm!!

Check this out AR-500's Lightweight Stand Alone plate with MITgels 4D WRAP for impact reduction tested at OBL. Watch the video as the rounds disintegrate before your eyes. The BFS for the 7.62x51 NATO M80 was 16.14mm to 13.97mm and that's it! My business partners third grader hits harder than that!!

You have got to see this to beleive!

MITgel's vest is in lane 1 and a vest from our nearest competitor is on lane 2.  Watch and learn.

Receive unparalleled service and protection from the Elite Group a distributor of MITgel. Our business is dedicated to becoming the top wholesaler in the industry. We work hard to make sure that we always satisfy your needs.


We at the Elite Group are driven to deliver excellence.  Our staff knows that the only way we can become a successful wholesaler is by providing our customers with the best, most advanced body armor and armor products available. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products and services by choosing MITgel. We are proud to be vendors to government and law enforcement.


MARK V Flotation Body Armor available in three formats:

1. Neutral buoyancy for special operations where you do not want any extra lift, while maintaining our patented blunt force trauma reduction skin and maintaining core body temperature at 98.6 degrees.  Weight 8.5lbs.


2.  Or as a stand-alone with positive buoyancy for Harbor Patrols, USCG, Boarding Parties or Docking Parties.  18 lbs. of lift with nothing to get in the way of your gear.  Mollie/pals compatible with side sapi pockets for 6x6 or 6x8 side sapi inserts.  Contains our patented blunt force trauma reduction insert and skin maintaining core body temperature at 98.6. Weight 10 lbs.


3.  Need a flotation collar or inflatable.  We have that too. Just check out the Mark V Enhanced by MITgel below. With 35 lbs. of lift.

MARK V Enhanced Flotation Body Armor Just like the Mark V but, enhanced by the addition of a Revere 45-61019-101N Navy life vest for 35 lbs. of lift in an inflatable platform.  With the natural properties of our Skin maintaining core body temperature at 98.6 and ballistic signature reduction.  Available as a Level III or IV plate carrier or level IIIA soft armor package with plate upgrade at an additional cost.  Weight 10.5 lbs. Available in all colors.

War Master in Coyote

War Master Level 3a-IV Body Armor Vest

Level IIIA Weight Size Large: 16lbs without plates. Unparalleled performance with MITgel's ballistic signature reducing inserts.  All ballistic inserts fit the War Master, Sea Master and Patrol master vests. 


Color: Coyote shown, Black, O.D. Green, Multi-cam, other colors like A-tacs available upon request.  Minimum order rules apply.


Base vests are level IIIA or level 3 or 4 BPV with plate inserts and minimal weight gain.  All MITgel armor is neutrally buoyant. Molly and Pals compatible. MITgel's skins control body temperature are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Recent testing of the level 3A vest with 124gr. 9mm ammunition at 1550 – 1625 fps. Show a center of mass Back Face Signature of 19mm with an overall average score of 26 BSF for the .44 mag. compared to our nearest competitor with an average BFS of 34mm (Ouch!).

Level 3a Patrol Master Body Armor  Concealment Vest


MITgel's Concealment  body armor helps control your core body temperature preventing overheating of the wearer while on duty. It can be worn over or under the uniform.  All MITgel incerts are anti bacteria and anti microbial.  MITGel's vests reduce blunt force trauma. Recent testing for the level 3A vest show a center of mass Back Face result of 19mm with an overall average score of 26mm BSF.


Wholesale pricing to government, law enforcement and qualifying agencies.


Helmet liner


MITgel helmet liners reduce the chance of receiving certain types of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) by absorbing and vectoring the impact or blast waves away from the wearer's brain and skull.  MITgel's liners offer better protection against sonic waves, heat, cold and vibration. MITgel helmet liners have out preformed their competitors in DoD testing.


Wholesale pricing available to government, law enforcement and qualifying agencies.  Minimum order rules apply.

Anti TBI Football helmet insert

Too often we see professional careers cut short by traumatic brain injuries this product will help prevent some of those future injuries.

MITgel’s sports helmet liner is a state of the art polymer, offering unparalleled protection from TBI injuries for all levels of athlete from the Pro NFL player to the beginner in pee wee football leagues. Attributes of the helmet liner are TBI protection, gel based climate control and moisture wicking materials. Elite Group is a wholesaler of this product to all qualifying teams, schools, universities and colleges.

Ask us about liners for other sports and activities.

Recoil Pad

MITgel recoil pad was recently employed in Iraq and Afghanistan on weapons systems ranging from the M4 Benelli to sniper systems chambered up to the .338 lapua.  MITgel's recoil pad provides an impressive reduction in both felt and perceived recoil. Get faster follow upshots with MITgel’s recoil pad. Proud wholesaler of MITgel products to all government, law enforcement, gun stores, gunsmiths and registered Olympic shooting teams.

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